RKR Solar Portfolio in India

RKR Solar system services was founded in May 18, initially we started the operation and maintenance with the portfolio of 380KWp, now we has reached up to 65MWp , and another 20MWp is in the pipeline. The current portfolio is spread over 98 plants of roof top & ground mount in different location of North India. The portfolio has been sectionalized into 5 regions, namely, 1 Region Delhi, 2 Region Haryana, 3 Region Rajasthan, 4 Region Uttarakhand, 5 Region Uttar Pradesh, this is for optimal man-power utilisation and control. Central Command Centre, based out of Delhi, we are doing remote monitoring, remote troubleshooting for all plants. We getting results in continuous performance monitoring and advanced analytics to ensure plant performance maximisation, equipment under-performance detection, trend analysis and forecasting and predictive analytics for reduced plant down-time.

With an experience of 4.5 years in the O&M business, RKR Solar has consistently surpassed the performance guarantees committed to its clients, with the portfolio level uptime being above 99.5% and Performance Ratio (PR) being above 102% of the guaranteed PR.

Sensing the market requirements, RKR Solar has also diversified into plant testing and audit services. We have an in-house specialised team, equipped to do field testing across solar PV plant equipment. The skilled team does detail technical assessment of the plant and suggests the potential improvement and suggestions for plant performance improvement to ensure optimal returns for the developer with prolonged plant life.

The company services solar PV plants ranging from 10 KWp to 1.0 MWp for renewable energy investors, asset managers and independent power producers.

If you want to know more about our services and working locations, do not hesitate to get in contact with us.