About us

RKR is one of the rising solar power delivery services in India

RKR is one of the rising solar power delivery services in India. It was incorporated in the 2018 as O&M company with a Head office in Delhi. As a O&M and Supplier of solar Project Management, EPC, I&C and O&M. we deliver integrated sustainable energy solutions.

our goal is to secure the power supply chain at all the time, in the most reliable way, and to make it simple for our customers. we strive to deliver outstanding service, Innovative products and customizable, robust and reliable solutions that meet the demands of todays energy provision, and to prepare for tomorrows challenges

RKR is uniquely positioned to benefit long term from emerging demand for intelligent micro-energy grids and the increasing demand for reliable renewable energy sources that will grow over the coming years.

we give you the very best technical expertise and customer service throughout our relationship with us, because we are as passionate about clean energy power as we are delivering the best services to our customers.



RKR Aims to maintain & services, and create awareness of solar to entire nation.

we deliver quality and efficient cutting edge systems and solutions to every one, employing the very best of technology and excellent skills in integrating and support services to help our clients save cost on energy consumption today and forever

We are proud to be one of the rising supplier of solar energy system services in India, providing green, sustainable, affordable energy.

We strive in company practice to reach the highest environmental goals..


Our Mission is to continue to Transform the sunshine for human kind welfare and contribute to making photovoltaic solar energy source of the future.

RKR is Committed to Providing Renewable Solutions to the World and improving our environment.

We are passionate about providing every home and business in India with affordable, consistent, reliable and easy power solutions.


Our vision is to be the most Professional and recognized Solar power Solutions Provider in India, and bring edge technological Advancements to the markets that only solve the steady light source problem in an environmentally friendly way.

we are committed to helping people learn more about the benefits of solar and renewable energy, sustainable lifestyles and energy self- sufficiency that is free from environment abuse.

About us


Innovation : We consistently offer creative and cost competitive solar power solutions to satisfy and exceed customer needs.

Value For Money : We deliver better value to the customer through continuous improvement in quality, speed and services

Team Work : We strive to create and sustain a passionate and happy team that delivers team performance through cross functional , enrolment engagement and alignment

Safety : With safety focus in all our activities, we do our best to ensure that there are: no accidents, no harm to people, no damage to environment, and security of personal, properties and information.

Corporate Social Responsibility : We serve our society through promotion of solar energy products & services as well as community initiatives.

Conduct & Integrity : We deliver what we have committed to, with honesty, fairness, reliability and uprightness.